With the creation of the Forest Art Park we want to offer our guests new ideas and interests for a more relaxing holiday. 

@Podere Conte RàCani

Our aim is to give value and pleasure to your stay on holiday in an atmosphere that respects environment and culture.


The idea behind the Forest Art Park.

Maybe it’s an ambitious goal, but we are working to build a dream! What is the Forest Art Park? A place where art is borne, where art shows itself, testing new languages, creating a sort of syntony with the beauty of the Umbrian nature. Here art is protected and given value. Here artists can express themselves, try, construct, grow, be judged, be exposed and expose in the middle of nature. Here we would like that people could come to breathe the richness and the beauty of the air, of the works that man can create in syntony with earth, trees, animals, An open air exibition in the middle of the woods... together with man made works of art.

Because after all nature, with the magic of a century old tree, of the time eroded rocks..... aren’t these all works of art? Man and nature, a binomial in eternal challenge and threat since the very birth of life on earth. The winner is alternatively one or the other. We are dreaming of mapping out the Equilibrium Path, where the respect from one fosters the growth of the other and vice versa, We want to launch a challenge to the artists to confront themselves with nature. And we want to stimulate those who will visit the Forest Art Park to discover the taste of beauty, of nature, of flavours, of colours, of perfumes... of all what can help us to live healthy... the health of mind!

But to realize this dream we need to be surrounded by other dreamers... the artists! We want to meet sculptors, people who can create natural ideas, who are willing to create in our farm their works, regardless of their size, big or small, and to place them together with us on our Equilibrium Path. We would like to give to the still unknown young artists the opportunity to express themselves and show their works in this natural environment, thus giving to our Italian and foreign guests the possibility to discover their art. We would also like that even the already known artists could look at us and leave a sign of their passage on our Path!


We would really like to be able to realize all this, but to do so we need the help of everybody, and, as I said at the beginning, thanks to our numerous dreams!


I did realize many of them up to now. This is the new challenge in front of me.



Tomaso Thellung de Courtelary

Artistic Director 

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Podere Conte Ràcani

The Artistic Residences are the basis for the functioning of the Forest Art Park. They are the soul, the engine!

We want to host artists and allow them to "create" their works in complete freedom, in a relaxed environment, unspoiled by the frenzy and daily stress of big cities. Works that are somehow linked, inspired, influenced ... to the territory of Umbria, whether they are the landscapes, the air, the animals, the food, the people of the place ... we want to allow artists the possibility of being pervaded by environment that surrounds them and be led by the inspiration that this creates in them.
In our programs we offer artists an apartment, completely autonomous, furnished, with kitchen, we offer a "studio" / workplace, transfers to and from Rome and a refund of food expenses.

We have renovated an old farmhouse in the woods where we have created a multipurpose room for theater, music, dance, yoga, etc.

We try to offer the ideal environment to allow artists to let themselves be carried away by their dreams, their ideals.
Farm summer

Agri-cultural festival.
Podere Conte Ràcani

A Festival to emphasize the artists’ work and at the same time an event to promote Umbria. Artists can express themselves through music, theatre, sculpture, painting, but also through food, wine, local craftmanship... In short we intend with this Agri-Cultural Festival to give prominence to the artistic beauties of this magnificent region, Umbria. The Festival will take place in four/five separate meetings to be held on summer time.

As we are still in the preparatory phase we welcome all artistic agri-cultural proposals. Whether you wish to be on a concert, or to show your works, or even to offer your local food or your wines... you will always be welcome.
Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we shall be happy to contact you in order to decide together your participation.
Inner hall cultural park
Inner violin hall - Podere Conte Ràcani


Artists in residences.

The Cultural Reservation Spring Residency Program 2016, from may 5th to may 15th 2016 - deadline 27th March 2016 - Application Form
Artists in residences Podere Conte Ràcani
Artists in residences Podere Conte Ràcani

Places for creations.



In our Agri-Cultural structure artists can find their creative space anywhere. 
We can namely mention a 12 by 6 meters Hall that we have recently obtained by restoring an old sheepfold in the woods. Wooden floor and ceiling beams, well lighetd, video-projector on demand, toilet. This Hall is particularly suited for theatre rehearsing, dance, music, yoga, shiatsu, etc.
Another possibility is given by the old stable, where each box (5 x 3.50 meters) can be used by artists for minor sculpture or painting works.
Last but not least there is the wood, a wonderful creation site. 
Incredibly charming spots can be found when penetrating into the wood’s paths, where one can stop to enjoy the freshness of the air, and write, think, sing, ....or dream! 
Or even sculpting directly on the travertine rocks!
Places for creations ad Podere Conte Ràcani